A complete renovation of a notary office needs a specific know how, in order to take into account, the specific requirements of the sector. We are a general construction company specialised in renovation and refurbishment of rooms of freelance professionals, especially notaries. We redesign your interior spaces, from the basement and terraces to attics and we take care of every single aspect of such projects.

Analysis of the building, energy efficiency and performance, creation of quotes, choice of material, cladding of the façade, exterior and interior insulation, masonry, plastered panels, wall and floor coating, plumbing, electricity, painting, acoustic insulation, sanitary installations, upgrade of hot water production and air conditioning, ventilation, energy saving, upgrade p safety standards with administrative formalities and inspection by the commission, carpentry, final decoration, lighting and the various certificates.

Our teams of qualified professionals reunite all sectors of the construction business, respecting the industrial standards and labelled RGE « Reconnu Garant de l’Environnement ».

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