As a general construction company, we are a specialist for renovation and refurbishment of massage parlours, health and relaxation centres, beauty care centres.

We know the requirements in your sector concerning reception area, dressing room and sanitary installations, massage rooms, body care treatment rooms and positioning of professional products for sale. We respond to you needs with functional equipment and an inspired, relaxing decoration, perfect for well-being. And we also assure validation of dossiers for upgrade to standards by safety commissions.

From complete renovation or refurbishment including administrative formalities and turnkey delivery, we take care of everything, façade cladding for acoustic or thermal insulation outside, finishing of decoration and inside wall insulation, our team reunites all sectors of construction such as masonry, painting of supports, carpentry, plaster work, renovation or refurbishment of outside terraces. Lifting works, exterior extensions, thermal renovation or stone wall refurbishment, floor installation, tiles or other floor coating, ceramics or mosaics for walls, roofs, renovation of mechanical ventilation systems, solar panel installation, triple glazing, we execute energy performance tests, issue quotas, renovation and refurbishment of exterior and interior spaces, and delivery of energy economy certificates, if needed.

We know your requirements:

  • Concerning design, we propose colours and material for an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Concerning lighting, we propose relaxing light spots, practical, decorative, calming or supportive lights.
  • Concerning the reception of customers, we propose functional designed, robust and relaxing material, adapted to an atmosphere of well-being.
  • Work spaces in treatment cabins, massage rooms, corridors, toilets and reception area.

We combine all sector of construction and are a team of qualified construction professionals respecting the standards, thanks to a choice of high-performance material and or architects, interior designers, geometers, construction engineers, construction economists, masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, glass fitters and control office.

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