As a general construction company, we are also a specialist for the renovation and refurbishment of stores and shops, especially perfumeries.

We master your profession´s requirements, from arranging the areas for circulation of the public to displays or presenters, bars and furniture for sampling, make up tables, perfume fountains, hairdresser consultation etc.

From renovation of independent shops to subsidiaries, corners and branded shop-in-shops in beauty or cosmetics departments of big warehouses, points of sale in perfumeries or cosmetics shops or in pharmacies, we are specialised in complete renovation of interior design, arrangements and layouts in various environments.

We know your requirements concerning design to express your marketing position, lighting, be it utilitarian, decorative or supportive, reception of customers, elegant and functional material, work ergonomics for easy movement and work under the best conditions.

Our teams unite all sectors of the construction and a choice of high-performance material, we take care of everything, from the complete renovation project including administrative formalities and respect of standards to safety and accessibility and turnkey delivery. You want to renovate a stone wall, refurbish openings, masonry or painting with acoustic insulation, parquet floors, wall panels in wood and relief, installation of a condensation heater, VMC double flow or window bays with triple glazing, new window openings, renovation of sanitary installations, upgrade of electrical installations to standards, trendy decoration and finishes using contemporary coating material or new possibilities to save energy, we have the knowledge and experience you need.

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