DKO CASA : Services

It is necessary to establish a provisional budget with a financing plan in support that will take into account your financial capacities and the aids you can claim.


By having a global vision of your financing possibilities, we will produce a detailed quote that will precisely describe each service and define the terms of our agreement for the total duration of the worksite.


For the good management of your renovation, development or rehabilitation project, you will find here the elements determining your budget forecast:


  • Detailed description of the work with supporting plans
  • Detailed cost of services and overall price of agreed works
  • Contractual period agreed
  • Private financing plan with public aid entitlements for eligible works
  • Schedule and terms of settlements defined jointly



Know that in some cases you can benefit from a loan at rate 0, aid from your municipality or even a reduction in taxes. We will inform you of the financial assistance to which you are entitled as part of the renovation works. In case of resale or lease, the value of your property will be higher and you will be able to obtain Certificates of Energy Saving “CES".


To benefit from these aids, you will have to go through a company holding the RGE label (recognised as guarantor of the environment).
The company DKO CASA is RGE.


Would you like to know if your renovation project is possible? Do not hesitate to contact us to talk about it!