DKO CASA : Services

DKO CASA commits itself by signing with you a contract guaranteeing that the agreed delivery times will be respected and that the result will be in accordance with your project.

With the help of good coordination, regular monitoring and follow-up of each worker by your supervisor, you will be assured of the quality and the conformity of the work in the respect of the work well done, the regulations and the administrative constraints.

The work will be carried out by qualified operators according to the defined chronology and the schedule of the specifications that you have validated.

Each important stage of the renovation, development or rehabilitation project will validate the progress of the work defined in your turnkey project.

DKO CASA's QUALIBAT / RGE quality process will be validated by a certification body.
You will be informed of the delivery on the agreed date and you will benefit from our usual advice and our after-sales service.

So that your satisfaction is ours, contact us now! We guarantee you our entire commitment.