DKO CASA : Services

DKO CASA takes care of everything for the completion of the building's finishes.

After seeing the existing and analysing your needs, we provide you with an appropriate support so that you can project yourself in your new environment. We propose a personalised renovation to reorganise your interior space, redecorate a room or rehabilitate an old habitat.

Submit your ideas, your desires and we will do everything possible to satisfy you!

Our prime contractors are responsible for the total execution of the finishing work on your site. They direct, organise and supervise the progress of the work between the various construction trades which must intervene in the project.


Whether to inspect the site for which it is responsible, to work in conjunction with our building partners, to visit the suppliers or to meet you, they are committed to complete your renovation project and deliver your turnkey project on time.



The finishes of the building are also called “the second works". Here are our areas of intervention:


  • Demolition
  • Repairs with underpinning
  • Reconstruction/masonry
  • Lining/partitions/false ceilings
  • Woodwork
  • Interior/exterior thermal insulation
  • Interior and exterior hydraulic plasters
  • Renewal of facades for villas
  • Decorative paints
  • Flexible floor coverings/carpets/solid flooring: laminated floor tiles
  • Staff/stucco
  • Supply and installation of tiles/earthenware/marble/natural stone
  • Natural resins


If you want an “American” kitchen, we can open up the partitions and propose a new layout. Do you no longer want a bathtub in your bathroom? We create your walk-in shower with a matching wall covering. If you want to completely renovate an apartment, a villa or a commercial space, we offer you a comprehensive and intelligent study of your future works. The delimitation of the rooms of the house by the construction of the internal partitions is also part of the second work.

Thermal and sound insulation work is essential to ensure that the building is protected from humidity, cold and protected from noise from road traffic, neighbourhood disturbances and so on.


The installation of the interior linings of the construction is also part of the finishes that consist of decorating the walls with materials such as wood, PVC, stone, lime or plaster. The finishes also include, the construction of stairs, electrical installation, plumbing, heating and air-conditioning works, as well as interior joinery work such as fastening door handles...