DKO CASA : Renovation

DKO CASA, your professional tiler in Nice

Tiling, mosaics, marble, stoneware, earthenware, natural stone, terracotta, floor tiles or parquet flooring adorn our interiors and adapt to the various environmental restrictions.

These floor, interior or exterior wall or even ceiling coverings have evolved over time so that we can offer you ever more choice, design and quality.

Looking for a skilled tiler in Nice or its surrounding area? Whether you’re a private individual or a professional, our team of tilers is available to meet the strictest of your specifications or the most original of desires.

Every problem has a solution, we lay your tiles, prepare the support and the foundation:

• Want to restore existing tiles? Extra fine stoneware is ideal to cover this.

• Dreaming of large modern tiles for your future villa? Young designers offer innovative slabs in unusual shapes and with precision finishes for a concrete, natural stone, smooth, woven or non-slip finish.

• You would like parquet floor, but prefer the easy maintenance of tiles? Consider imitation wood tiles! New techniques now allow ceramics to give the realism of wood grain. Stoneware boards adapt to your spaces as these are available in various sizes and thicknesses, allowing for use in renovation or installation on a vertical plane.

• Want to install a beautiful backboard in your kitchen ? There is a wide choice of materials and colours to meet your needs.

• Your exterior paving needs to be changed? The mosaic tiles in your swimming pool are getting old? Today’s exterior tiles will allow you long-term benefit from these coverings, which are exposed to inclement weather.

For all your tiling works, whether for tiling the kitchen, bathroom, floor, walls, and ceilings or for tiling your terrace, DKO CASA is at your side. Ask for your tiling quote today